Interview d'Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin, c’est un peu le monsieur Android chez Google, alors quand il accorde une interview à CNET, c’est avec grand intérêt qu’on le lit !


Andy Rubin a accordé une interview à CNET, morceaux choisis :

A single product is going to have, eventually, limitations. Even if that was two products that’s going to have limitations. But if it’s a hundred products, now we’re getting somewhere, to the scale at which Google thinks people want to access information.

Petite pique en direction d’Apple?

I think that’s yet to be seen. I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Again, we’re talking about a clean slate technology that didn’t exist a few years ago. So I’m actually thinking this could be a revolution.

Android, une révolution? C’est déjà en cours !

It takes about 18 months to build a phone from end to end. What we wanted to do for our market entry was make sure that we had one successful showcase product to prove that the product was reliable and robust and ready to go. We chose HTC as our partner for that.

On comprend mieux pourquoi le nombre de terminaux Android est limité à ce jour.

Vous l’aurez compris, je vous invite vivement à jeter un oeil à cette interview.

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